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Since 1895, burr lu emperor adheres to provide high-end footwear services for high grade men. Classic innovation and craftsmanship is the indispensable part of the brand characteristics. Only a deep understanding of burr emperor, to experience the craftsmanship of each big brand characteristics. Swarms line is concise, classic and timeless top shoe money. This tradition has now become one of the core value of brand, but not inevitable creative bondage. Burr emperor lu products never allow any abrupt with defects. As Olga promotion by the duke of Windsor burr lu emperor marked the same type of shoes, the brand always adhere to the elegant, soft and practical at an organic whole, to penetrate innovative spirit in every detail, every curve, each clipping and each color. This is the most expensive in the world men's shoes; Is every JACKSON wore a jump on a world tour shoes; This is to let the shah of Iran to personally visit the shoes; This is the world's only have a designer, not more than twenty shoes and men's shoes brand: Berluti. Why let it has more than ten thousand yuan each pair of prices? The first is its unique dyeing process. Use the special leather Venezia, through a patina of patent technology, transfer leather color, light and shade to make every leather shoes has a unique and color depth. Followed by strict made-to-order attitude: even if you have hk $35000 or more money to send to the Berluti's hand, you have to wait little more than a few months, half a year's time, and then get a set of completed preliminary trial, again a few months after you try it on again after back to the Berluti, they will according to your grinding burrs and beriberi mark for final adjustment, reoccupy to 18 months of time. Congratulations, if you are alive, you can get Berluti belongs to you. All this may explain the source of the Berluti expensive price, but he cannot say the one hundred - year - old French royal duke of classic men's shoes brand all over the world, the Pope, celebrity and social elite the position of the heart. As well as comfortable for worship of the spirit of luxury is the root to the survival of luxury brands. Berluti shoes and feet match very much. The founder of Berluti Alessandro Berluti specializes in tailor-made shoes; Fanatical shoes sculptor Torello Berluti also created lesprit Berluti skills, this need is a inspection can I try on shoes foot stronger professional approach to accurately assess their strong weaknesses, facilitate craftsmen provide reasonable Suggestions to customers, not just blindly according to customer's wish to make shoes. Talbinio Berluti divided into 5 types of forms: the lead foot egoistic, intelligent, fragile, abuse, and subjective type. Then I'll shoes have become the soul of art. Berluti stubborn to insist on not for woman shoes, it seems that it pursues quality and comfortable is only a man can take.